Paper craft for complete beginners

Learn to make paper craft with easy-to-build projects and step-by-step videos.

Kooky Craftables Paper Craft for Complete Beginners
Kooky Craftables Paper Craft for Complete Beginners

New Project!

Cowabunga dudes and dudettes! Leonardo has arrived so the gang's all here!

What makes Kooky Craftables so easy?

Example of easy to make paper craft pieces

Created with simplicity in mind

The pieces are oversized and designed to be cut out with simple scissors. The glue tabs are BIG so you can use a glue stick instead of messy adhesives, and they're engineered to actually help you form your shapes correctly.

Example of my paper craft tutorial videos

Videos for every step of the way

Every project unlocks an easy-to-follow  video tutorial filled with tips, tricks, and thoughtful building techniques that take the frustration out of paper crafting.

Young girl holding a finished Kooky Craftables paper craft project.

Why make paper craft?

Paper craft is an active creative activity that improves fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities, while providing a sense of accomplishment. Kooky Craftables are a fun and engaging way to practice a variety of STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).

Ready to get started?

There are over 20 projects to download, make, and collect!

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Glamrock Freddy Paper Craft by Kooky Craftables
Paper Bag Cat Paper Craft by Kooky Craftables
Boba Fett Paper Craft by Kooky Craftables
David Landis, creator of Kooky Craftables Paper Craft

About me:

My name is David Landis, and I am a Scholastic author and paper craft artist for companies like Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Google. My goal with Kooky Craftables is to design craft projects that are simple and approachable, so that anyone can have fun with them regardless of their craft experience.

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